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How can I do Employee Monitoring easily?

Time tracking reports

Time Tracking

"Productivity" is to get more work done in less time.

A system to track and report the details of
the time spent by the employees will make your business productivity more efficient.

EPM does this job for you with ease!
It provides active/idle time spent in a system not only by an individual user but also gives the complete picture of productive usage of time by multiple users as a team.

Website monitoring

Website Monitoring

Enhancing Productivity Metrics (EPM) can also give you detailed analytics of the websites accessed by your employees and the time spent on each one of them. 

EPM does this by recording the usage patterns in the background and transfers the details to a secure cloud server. The reports are then built instantly as you access them in real time.

Being a manager or a boss of a company you can always have a first hand view of what your employees are using the internet resources for!

Application usage tracking

Application Monitoring

Enhancing Productivity Metrics (EPM) tracks the applications which are actively run by your team in their computers. 

EPM can track and report the usage patterns of multiple applications, record their usage times, classification of the application etc. 
For example, if yours is a law consultation firm and you notice too many of your users are using irrelevant applications like Photoshop, then you have a reason to praise EPM!

Screenshots at regular intervals

Screen Shots

Enhancing Productivity Metrics (EPM) can capture screenshots of your user's desktop and sends them to our safe cloud servers from where you can view what your user was doing at any given point of time.

EPM takes screenshots at defined intervals by which you can review the work being done in the individual systems. Though this feature is optional you can enable or disable this based on your preference.

About 1000* screenshots are stored per user in the cloud storage. Old screenshots get auto deleted to provide space for the new ones.

Block websites and applications

Website & App Blocking

You have the power to decide which website is allowed in your company!

Enhancing Productivity Metrics (EPM) gives you the ability to decide which website needs to be blocked and which application is not allowed to run. 

Every change made in the cloud server is communicated to end computers automatically within a minute.

With power comes great responsibility!

Attendance reports

Attendence Monitoring

Enhancing Productivity Metrics (EPM) also has the feature to perform attendance monitoring by giving a report of the in- and out-time of the user. The in-time/out-time is calculated on the basis of what time a computer is switched on and switched off.

Using this report, you can easily estimate the overall in-time and out-time of each user as well as your entire company.

If your report pie chart shows too many employees coming late, then you do have a reason to panic!


Field Employee Tracking

• GPS Location mapped attendance marking.

• Location update of field user every five minutes.

• Client visit confirmation with GPS and time    mapping.

• Assign tasks to field users from cloud portal.

• Task completion and status update in the app    and portal.

• Field user travelled distance in KMs.  
   (approximated  to ~5% accuracy)

• Monthly attendance report at a glance.

• Customizable with your logo which can be    uploaded to portal.

          Minimum system requirements

"Enhancing Productivity Metrics - EPM" is proven to work on

Windows XP SP3 (build 5512), Windows 7 32/64bit and above.

Minimum hardware requirement is P4,  > 2GB RAM.

Minimum .Net 3.5 is required for the efficient performance.

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