Importance of employee engagement in the work place

A detailed analysis of the impact of leadership and employee engagement in the IT companies

Posted by Stanzatek Solutions on Feburary 26, 2019

Industry analysts estimate that billions of dollars in lost revenue were attributed to employee Internet abuse. Trends also suggest that lost job productivity and corporate liability have emerged as new work-place concerns due to growth of new online technologies and mobile computing. Such employee internet misuse creates new management dilemmas on how to respond to incidences of such misuse as well poses network security risks and drains on network bandwidth. Within an organization, it is imperative to ensure that employees are using computing resources effectively and appropriately.

Internet abuse in the workplace is an issue among organizations. Statistics show that employees who use the Internet during work hours for extensive personal use cost companies signi´Čücant losses in job productivity and increase their risk or corporate liability. Many researchers have described various methods to control employee Internet abuse through acceptable Internet use policies and software monitoring, and in extreme cases, employee termination.

Many employers have recognized that unrestricted use of the Internet by employees has the potential to drain, rather than enhance productivity. The solution is to implement a policy outlining the permissible parameters of Internet use, or an acceptable Internet use policy. According to the Society for Human Resource Managers, attorneys advise companies to write policies on email and Internet use and electronic monitoring procedures.